I can’t quite think why we try
We’re born, we shirk the truth, then die
And everyone believes the lie
And likes to call it getting by

We dwell on words that hurt sometimes
I don’t think reason fits my rhymes
I don’t excuse myself these crimes
We all have these thoughts sometimes

Empty words that we’ve all said
I don’t like what’s inside my head
Or where my conversations led
Or how the past is never dead

I think that I don’t think at times
We act out life through empty mimes
I’d say you read between the lines
We all have these thoughts sometimes

Thoughts stay with us till we’re old
We can’t escape the things we’re told
And even if it makes us cold
We still believe the words we’re sold

I listen as the hour chimes
I stumble at the best of times
It’s difficult to speak my mind
We all have these thoughts sometimes

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