Already drunk at half past eight
You told me to sit and wait
At seventeen I’d seen it all
I laughed back when you said you’d call
The messages that no-one sends
All my friends and these dead ends
I’ve seen the truth in just desserts
Negotiating my reserves
And all the cons I sought and won
They meant nothing to me
The days you had – to dust and gone:
Regret and jealousy

And just one look for its own sake
Is more than I could ever say
Time is just a word we use
To give some meaning to decay

Everyone you met and made
Swapped you in an unfair trade
Today appeared too suddenly
A sinking glow just west of me
Out of reach and half in jest
Don’t look down and do your best
Some thoughts float around then go
But one day I’ll wake up and know
And all the things I should have said
And all the people gone or dead
And all this shit it hurts my head
And all this shit it hurts my head