All My Friends are Extremists

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I get the feeling sometimes that everyone has gone slightly mad. Maybe it’s the lockdowns, maybe it was brewing before all that; perhaps it’s social media algorithms, or the weird, extreme political climate of the past few years. Or maybe it’s just the circles I move in. Just before the second lockdown, I had some … Read More


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A lot of things happen to me by accident. Working at The Railway Club was never part of the plan. It was Stevie’s idea, and as soon as he said it, I knew it made sense. “The Railway Pub’s opening a strip club in its basement” he said. “They’re advertising for girls. You should go … Read More

You Can’t Do Voodoo

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My friend told me That he does voodoo I howled at that Sorry to laugh I said Yes, ok there may be some spooky action Possibly People can experience telepathy Most likely And we’re more perceptive than we know We are You said that But this is a waste Of energy. I get it though. … Read More


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I can’t talk to my best friend any more. He took too many drugs and they made him stupid. I never thought it would happen, but somewhere along the line it has, and now he’s somebody else, someone I don’t know. If I knew exactly when it happened, I’d like to think that I would … Read More

At the Skating Rink

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I remember you At the skating rink You would have been about fourteen I was nine or ten All my friends were older than me It was Thursday nights They used to play whatever the chart dance music was at the time One of those things that tries to be cool for young teens School … Read More

I Was Not Like Them

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As a child, I remember garden parties; rich children in expensive clothes, their mothers choked in perfume talking about lunches and tans – all the pretty faces – and I, being poor, felt alone somehow, conscious that I was not like them. But I remember, as well, the children from my block on my road, … Read More

April 2020

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The trees don’t know any different and the animals are all coming into town Lions and tigers and bears – oh my! Or goats and deer at least, and not here – the LS4 postcode probably doesn’t hold much appeal to escaped farm animals and wild game Let’s be realistic This isn’t a film It … Read More

Only in Dreams

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My Uncle Ed died last week. I was sad to hear about that. I’d not seen him for years, but I remember him from being small and he was a nice man. When I was tiny, he used to pick me up and swing me high above his head and onto his shoulders and I’d … Read More

Standing in the Sea, Shouting at God

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I had a sudden moment of clarity as I eyed the pieces of junk. What was I supposed to say? What could I say? In the end I said nothing. I just sat there and stared at it all; the bits of broken glass and debris that he’d carefully placed on the floor. He’d arranged … Read More

The Creator

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The creator belched loudly and reached towards the packet of crisps by his side. Realising it was empty, he scowled and took another swig of lager. It was time for bed. He saved the game and switched the console off. Time stopped. In our world it stopped for thousands of years. But because everything had … Read More