All My Friends are Extremists

December 26, 2021By adminShort Fiction No Comments

I get the feeling sometimes that everyone has gone slightly mad. Maybe it’s the lockdowns, maybe it was brewing before all that; perhaps it’s social media algorithms, or the weird, extreme political climate of the past few years. Or maybe it’s just the circles I move in. Just before the second lockdown, I had some … Read More


October 16, 2021By adminShort Fiction No Comments

I was brought up by my sister, Kathy. Our parents died in an accident not long after I was born, and I became her ward. Kathy was still a teenager then. To this day, I don’t fully understand why she was landed with me, and I probably never will. The whole thing is shrouded in … Read More


October 16, 2021By adminShort Fiction No Comments

A lot of things happen to me by accident. Working at The Railway Club was never part of the plan. It was Stevie’s idea, and as soon as he said it, I knew it made sense. “The Railway Pub’s opening a strip club in its basement” he said. “They’re advertising for girls. You should go … Read More