My friend told me
That he does voodoo
I howled at that

Sorry to laugh
I said

Yes, ok there may be some spooky action
People can experience telepathy
Most likely
And we’re more perceptive than we know

We are

You said that

But this is a waste
Of energy.
I get it though.
It’s probably to do in part
with your religious upbringing
and maybe at times
you feel
a bit
like things are out of your control

But like I said a long time ago
to a guy I used to know
You can’t just
‘Put the energy out there’

You have to do something
as well

and you can’t control everything
Nor should you.

It’s fairly harmless
And it’s not really voodoo
in the strictest sense of the word
and it’s a bit like
when I was a little kid
and I guess I felt
like the carpet was constantly being
pulled out from
under my feet
by the adults who controlled
my world
I was seven and I’d think:
If I see a blue car
it will be a good day.
If I don’t walk over three drains
it will stop raining
and football won’t be cancelled
and I’ll go to Michael’s house tonight.
Last time I wore that t-shirt
someone died.

And then I was eight
and life was better
and I had a word with myself
about a lot of things.

You can’t do voodoo
You just can’t.

Although –
a couple of weeks ago
I caught myself doing something ludicrous
and thought
fuck’s sake
Am I practising voodoo now?
You can’t
You can’t do voodoo

You can do a lot of things
And you can make things happen
but not like that

Life isn’t always fair
And sometimes it’s brilliant
Some days are magic
Some days are fucking awful
and the universe
and life

Sometimes things happen
That are out of your control
And its ok
You can’t do voodoo